TOP 10 Feel Real Sex Dolls

As a relatively shy guy who is not especially popular with the ladies, getting laid is not exactly an everyday occurrence. I mean, I have had a girlfriend in the past, we were kind of happy – and she’s the one who took my virginity.

sex dolls reviewIt was a rather goofy experience, considering I had never done it before. Since then it has been totally downhill. I have never found another girl who is into my videogames or TV series/movies as much as her, so I am left alone to satisfy myself with porn movies and, more recently, sex dolls.

I started out with those cheap dolls when a friend of mine made a joke about it. I decided to go online and buy one just for kicks – so after a few days, my new girlfriend arrived by mail, in a truly discreet way. We had a lot of fun together, but eventually she became pretty boring and I had to substitute her with a newer, more exciting doll. It slowly became an addiction to have as many of these air-filled girls in my room. We would also have orgies at times, and with some porno playing in the background, everything is perfect.

While there are many benefits in having these inanimate girlfriends such as them not talking, bothering you, and always being ready for some loving action; there are also some negative points such as them not being able to move fluidly, not following orders, and more importantly: they do not make you any sandwiches or bring you any kinds of snacks no matter how kindly you ask.

Top 10 Feel Real Sex Dolls

you couldn't differentiate it from the real thing!


Pamela Love Doll


Although i hardly remember anything about the storyline (if there was one at all), I can remember that all i was after when watching Baywatch back in the days was watching Pamela Anderson in that tight lifeguard uniform as she would run around and get wet.

Everyone remembers her original hot body, especially in the scene which has been repeated (and made fun of in parodies) over and over as she runs on the beach in slow-motion while her big melons bounced uncontrollably.

When she first arrived at my doorstep i recreated that scene, by even having the series play in the background. I’d pretend she would be rushing towards me as i was drowning and pull me out of the water (i was even in the bathtub to add up to the play). I would then have her pull me out and lay me on the floor, where she would attempt reviving me with a mouth-to-mouth respiration technique. As i would come to my senses my hand would reach out for her big tits to cop a feel: At first she would act a bit offended, but would later give in and rub the twins on my stiff boner and give me a blowjob. I would then pretend to tell her its getting worse, and she would have to ride me while giving me a CPR to make me feel better, and after a little naughty made-up conversation about it, she would get on top, and while i lift her up and down i would come inside her happily, thanking her for having saved my life in the best way i have always imagined when the series came out.


TLC CyberSkin Vibrating Perfect Butt, Natural


TLC CyberSkin Vibrating Perfect Butt Natural reviewThis particular doll only features the back part of the woman, but let me tell you – it’s one of the most realistic fuck toys out there; it feels so real you’ll be surprised how close it feels to being real.

It’s quite heavy which adds up to the experience, and I always tend to find myself hanging on tight to the cyberskin material it’s made up of and spanking her as I enter either her pussy or asshole in doggy position – depending on the mood, of course.

The doll, apart from looking really realistic inside, feels very authentic on the inside too, with both holes feeling quite different from each other. One thing to keep in mind is that she is very tight – rightfully, as she is modeled after a petite babe (somewhere around 5 feet I’d guess). There isn’t a lot of customization options seeing it’s just her lower half present, but I’ve had a lot of extra excitement dressing her with various panties and thongs – it always makes everything more interesting for me.


Sexflesh Sherris Life Size Realistic Ass

Sexflesh Sherris Life Size Realistic Ass reviewLet’s be honest, when a hot piece of ass passes by, we all turn around to have a nice look at it; whether you’re into big booties or tight round butts, an ass is always good to see.

That’s the main reason I bought this life sized ass doll.

It has a flat base, which makes it ideal to be placed on top of a table or bed, but I found a better place for mine: I had it placed hanging against a wall. This made it much more stable, especially as I love going wild with this doll, and thrusting hard against it. Her buttcheeks feel so real, and simply grabbing one will get me hard enough which will inevitably lead me to touch more and more, spreading both cheeks wide open and penetrating her from behind as deep as I can. And because she’s against the wall, it feels like I’m banging her as she stands upright, which is always a turn-on.

Sexflesh Giving Gwen 3D Life Size Love Doll

Sexflesh Giving Gwen 3D Life Size Love Doll reviewWith Gwen being one of my personal favorites, it’s hard to say anything negative about her; not that I can actually think of any cons about this sex doll.

It includes her full body – which is simply mind blowing with those big firm tits, a round big butt, and sexy curves: basically a perfect girl you usually don’t see all that often in real life.

What’s so great about her is that she features some soft spots as well as some harder ones, just like a real body (her hips are harder than her boobs and ass, just to make an example). Both her pussy and asshole feel great and are very different from each other; and both can be used in a myriad of positions. Another great feature is that she is made of thermoplastic rubber, and in a single piece (without any foam) which makes her easy to clean. Costs quite a lot compared to some other toys, but she is totally worth it.


Mangasm Life-Sized Jessica Sanders Realistic Vagina

Mangasm Life-Sized Jessica Sanders Realistic Vagina reviewAlthough the life sized doll modeled after the porn star Jessica Sanders comes at a cheaper price than the others, it still deserves a mention as I think it’s a great alternative if you’re on a budget but still want to have a good doll to fuck.

First thing that caught my eye about this doll is that she has a huge pussy which really stands out.

Once it arrived home in a discreet box, I was happy to see that it was quite heavy and proportionately correct. So, with its weight, pounding deep and hard into her wasn’t a problem – and considering you can hold onto her hips as well, it was a really steamy session. Apart from banging her from behind, also really enjoyed making her bounce on top of me as it really feels authentic because of her weight – and you can use whichever hole you want (just keep in mind that the anus is much tighter and needs a lot of lubing).



Racyme love doll life size with small breast


This thing is the real deal. It also shows how far we’ve come when it comes to sex toys. For a reasonable price, you can now have a human sized realistic sex doll with all the bells and whistles. It has 3 holes you can fuck (mouth, pussy, ass) and because it has a metal skeleton, you can position it any way you want.

I had this thing bent over a table as I took it’s ass and pussy from behind. The skin feels smooth and has just enough give that it mimics the consistency of real skin. Of course as with these sex toys, the pussy and ass are better than the real thing (these aren’t a copy of a real vagina but rather a receptacle designed to give a man maximum pleasure) Every part of the doll is designed to maximize your pleasure.

If blonde hair and milky white skin is your thing, then this is for you. She’s got small tits and legs that go for days. Arms are a little weird but you’re not gonna be looking at her arms.

One complaint I have though is that the boobs don’t have that sexy jiggle everytime you bang it hard. It doesn’t have the right consistency. It’s closer to a bad boob job if anything. Other people might like it though so it really comes down to personal preference.

All in all, this is an excellent value for money. It’s also worth noting that for a chinese company, these guys’ customer support is uncharacteristically good.  If you’ve got a spare grand lying around I’d recommend this.



To be comparing real women to dolls is kind of lame. I would seriously love to have a woman (or more) instead of my inanimate sex partners, but only a bunch of guys have the luck to be screwing the hot ladies. Unfortunately I am not one of those, as i can considered a geek by my peers – even though i am past my mid-twenties.

There are various great points, for example – not having to worry about any arguments or cuddling after the sex, or even the gifts and attention real people want; but it tends to get pretty lonely afterwards. Without real interaction it basically feels like jacking off with a fleshlight that has a whole body attached to it.

But regardless of me ever finding a real girl or not, i would never completely throw away my whole collection of dolls, because i would miss them and the good kinky activities that we do together: from the make-believe games and role-playing to the more arousing threesomes and orgies with the celebrities. In the end if one searches well enough anyone’s doll can be found. Do not think that the only celebrities I have are the ones listed – I have many more. Some of them are still alive while others broke and had to be thrown away.

From personal experience I have to urge you fellow doll users to wash them really well especially after having used them. It’s important for health, and your house’s smell. I once left a doll unclean and tossed it into the closet, I forgot it there for a week and had to throw her away because of the smell and mold that appeared.

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TOP 10 Feel Real Sex Dolls
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    Hi mate, do you may know where I can by a second hand silicone sex doll..
    I don’t have that much money to spend on new-one,
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