TOP 10 SUPER Extreme Sex Toys 2017

My boyfriend and I are really into hardcore sex and absolutely love it when it gets extreme. As much as we try to go extreme by ourselves, using our entire bodies by fucking on every centimetre of the house or in any position with any part of our bodies, there are times when we need the help of sex toys.

We have used a lot of homemade extreme toys, but because we usually get it on roughly and wildly they tend to break; this is not only quite a big waste of money but also a big health hazard.

extreme sex toys reviewHaving considered to slow down the usage of homemade remedies, we settled to buy these extreme toy online – at least we will be sure to keep safe while having a hell of fun when having sex. They have actually been proven (by our personal experience) to work much better than the random things we used before. Although we have ended up buying hundreds of toys for every situation, which can range from huge dildoes for my pleasure to harnesses that ease his penetration on me and maximises the pleasure on both of us. There are also quite a lot of bondage equipment that have been specifically designed and tested for this kind of use.

So honestly buying these online turned out to be a pretty good investment to keep our extreme sex fun. And most of all, without having to think about doing some long term damage to ourselves and our belongings.

Top 10 Super Extreme Sex Toys

Love Hardcores? Maybe This Guide is for YOU!


ImageProductClassificationHardcore FactorPrice
Rubber forearm fistDoc Johnson Belladonna – Magic HandFisting12" long and 2.5" Wide$
Leather Flogger with Cat Claw Skin ScratcherBDSMPleasure + Pain$$
Large Flesh colored dildoDoc Johnson Classic - Dick Rambone - 17 InchDildo17" long and 7.38" Girth for Advance Users! And stretches your Holes Really Wide!$$
Doc Johnson Bam Huge Realistic CockDildo13.2" long and 2.8" Wide Thick long Massive Ebony$$
Tantus Cowboy Hoss 100 percent Medical Grade Silicone Dildo reviewLiquid Silicone Dildo Realistic PenisDildoYoull feel like a virgin again$
Steel Anal Rope Hook Bondage with Solid 1 Anal Ball reviewSteel Anal Rope HOOK BondageBDSMHook this size seems only be possible on movies$
Fur handcuffsBDSMRough Play$
Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Beginner Electro-sex Kit Wires Conduction J1430 reviewFetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Beginner Electro-sex KitBDSMOne word SHOCKING!$$
restraint system reviewSportsheets Under the Bed Restraint SystemBDSMBeing Tied + Bondaged 🙂$

Doc Johnson Belladonna – Magic Hand – 11.5 Inch Hand and Forearm

Rubber forearm fistThis thing is something else. The first time my boyfriend pulled it out of the box, my jaw just straight up dropped to the floor. The things they sell nowadays are just amazing. My boyfriend is fascinated with fisting. But with me being a bit on the petite side, it’s simply a no go situation. My boyfriend could get 4 fingers in. anything more than that was just a bit too much. This is more on the female sized fist so maybe it could be manageable. If nothing else, it would be fun to try.

First thing we did was lube up. That and take time to warm up. We started with a regular egg vibrator and worked up to the 8 incher I showed above. The vagina is elastic, it’s where babies come from afterall but there’s a reason a lot of screaming and cursing is involved in child bearing. One does not simply shove a fist up her pussy. After a lot of preparations and a couple of orgasms, we finally got around to it. You’d think it would be a bigger challenge but unlike a real hand with bones and muscles, this silicone hand dildo is much more forgiving on your pussy. still you need to ease it in and out the first few thrusts. Then, you can go to town on it.

I can tell you, this thing is something else. It felt the right kind of weird and kinky. bottom line, this got me so wet we had to burn the sheets. It’s not for everybody, but if fisting is in your sexual bucket list, then this could probably be considered a valid replacement.

Edgeplay Gear Suede Leather Flogger with Cat Claw Skin Scratcher

This is for fans of BDSM. The flogger is extremely well made. The frawn had sharply cut edges (unlike others) witch gave it the right amount of bite. The swivel is very well designed. Despite it being on the heavier side, it’s extremely easy to manipulate. I tried it on the couch first to see how it handled and imagined my boyfriend using on my skin. Imagining this thing just brushing my pussy just gives me goosebumps.

The cat claw skin scratcher  is well made. I’ve only used it once and was pretty leary of it since we haven’t really used it before. So I can simply say, use with caution. If you’re not sure about it, don’t use it at all. Pleasure/pain is one thing, physically harming another person is another.

This thing overall is pretty good value for money. You could troll the local sex shops and not find anything coming close to it. Well made, handles great and also sounds great too. Being handcuffed with blindfolds on, just at the mercy of your partner then you hear that tell tale thwack. That moment where it barely touches your skin. It IS BLISS.

Doc Johnson Classic – Dick Rambone – 17 Inch Dildo with Suction Cup

Large Flesh colored dildoIf you really want that to go all out, no holds barred just straight up getting hammered. This is it. This unforgiving meat pole of a dildo is truly epic in proportions. 13.4 of insertable rock hard rubber cock with a 7.38 inch girth that makes you roll your eyes and see god.

This thing is simply unforgiving. Hence the reason why I will categorically state that this isn’t for everybody. The rubber is pretty hard so if you’re unprepared it could leave to soreness (unless you’re into that kind of thing) But damn doesn’t it feel so satisfying. I walked funny a day later. The rubber suction cup could just stick to everything. shower walls, the table, the kitchen chair, even the kitchen wall, there wasn’t a spot where it couldn’t be mounted. This thing just completely owned me. I was completely cock drunk that the pain and pleasure just became a ball of feelings. What can I say. This thing is a religious experience for me. For others this might be just a dick from hell. So adjust expectations accordingly.

Doc Johnson Bam Huge Realistic Cock

Big Black DildoNow this monster, this monster I hide from my boyfriend. Anything compared to this monster pales in comparison. I’d hate to dent my boyfriend’s ego but sometimes you just need something extra. Maybe something more than you can comfortably handle.

With an insertable length of 9.6 inches and a circumference of more than 8 inches, this dildo is certainly a handful, err two hands full. There’s enough length for you to feel really filled with just that little hint of pain at the start. That just turns me on. Getting it in is a real challenge but it just has enough give in it that it’s not truly overwhelming. You just need to slowly ease yourself into it. Remember to get lube – lots of it. This will make everything easier.

The texture feels real and extremely satisfying. The thin veneer of softness on the surface really feels fantastic. It’s not so stiff that it feels like you’re poking yourself with a baseball bat (though there is a time and place for baseball bats) I just love squeezing it down there while I pull out. The sensation of it all getting me really wet that soon enough, I never really need lube.

If you’re adventurous enough to try this in your ass, well kudos to you! I tried it once. Some things aren’t meant to be. I’m just not stretched enough down there to be able to do this without a daily regimen of butt plug therapy. If you need something this side of extreme, then this is the Dildo for you

8 Inches Liquid Silicone Dildo Realistic Penis with Suction Base

One day though, my boyfriend found out i had this, and we had an argument about it, especially about me not being able to wait a couple of days when he is away. The debate ended pretty quickly that I bought it because it was similar to his: he burst out laughing and I guess I must have given him a huge ego-boost.

Every girl needs her personal toy which she can play with when the boyfriend is away for a long time. I tend to miss him and the extreme sex we have so much when he is away that i searched far and wide for a toy cock that was similar to his. This particular one was the closest i have found: The toy is just a little bit longer, but it works perfectly fine. Because of its huge size, i consider this to be the extreme way of masturbating. I use it in whatever position i want and it can even vibrate. My orgasms are guaranteed with this big boy.

I have also tried asking him to do a double penetration with it on me. He agreed and while in doggie position, I took his cock into my ass while I massacred my pussy hard with this toy. The results were so satisfying that I thought I’d die. I came again and again, while I was dripping so much. He eventually changed holes and focused on the snatch himself. I started with the toy again on my cunt only when he moved over to get the ending blowjob.

Steel Anal Rope Hook Bondage with Solid 1″ Anal Ball

Seeing a hook of this size would seem to be possible only in movies, but because of it – having one in the bedroom makes it all the more kinkier. This hook is designed to be used anally, and it has been granted a pleasure-giving sphere on top, rather than the flesh tearing and impaling sharp tip it has in horror movies.

The kinky shape has its use, as it makes it easier to command around, it being closer to your body.

I love using this on myself while my boyfriend rams me from the side. i do not particularly use it wildly as if its the last time my anus gets opened, but rather push it in, out, and around every now and then. Imagine this position and tell me if you don’t want to give it a shot: I am laying on my side, completely balanced as my one leg is firmly on the bed; my other leg is in the air, either leaning against my boyfriend’s chest or held by him. He is thrusting his boner in me while he is kneeling and sitting on his heels. My hands being completely free to massage my clit. Now, think that the other hand of mine had the hook in hand, and occasionally expand my anus by simply moving it around.

The stimulus received from being rammed hard vaginally and playing with my self anally always gets me off happily every single time. I also occasionally use this on my boy when we do it missionary. At first he hated it, but after trying it he got to like being stimulated down there too.

Fur handcuffs

All couples will eventually buy a pair of furry handcuffs which are to be used in the kinkiest and most extreme sex games and experiences. Not only they are used when right in the middle of the action – but many times they make up to be the best foreplay toy.

Apart from having them used on myself, i love teasing my boyfriend by tying him on the bed’s board head. After tying him up securely as to prevent him from moving too much, I go into the bathroom to get changed. I usually cosplay at this point and wear one of the outfits from my huge selection, with an extremely sexy lingerie set to match. I then slowly strip and dance in front of him while a suitable music plays in the background. I tend to also strip him of his pants and seductively stroke him to get him turned on even more. By the time i am in my underwear, he is so hard i could literally jump on his cock as if it were a horse.

The following part is focused on me, as i ride him at whatever pace i want and he cannot do anything but play by my rules as he cannot move. Simply by feeling how satisfied he was from watching me exposing my body to him makes me horny myself. It makes me feel like I am the only one who can turn him on that much – and because of it, he allows me to take pleasure from him in whatever way i can until he is too exhausted to carry on.

Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Beginner Electro-sex Kit Wires Conduction J1430

Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Beginner Electro-sex Kit Wires Conduction J1430 reviewWe thought using a slight electro-shock during our extreme sex sessions would be a bit too much to ask for, so when we spotted this toy online, we felt obligated to buy it without heeding to the cost and make one of our fantasies come true. This little toy has various stimulation programs which can be selected from the main body. The electrical shocks are then sent to the pads which are designed to transmit it safely on the body. It was rather hard to learn how to use it perfectly and it took us a while to find the right controls for everything.

I particularly love having on of the pads placed over my clit while i’m getting pounded in missionary position. It feels like a dildo when it vibrates and pulsates intensively, but somewhat different: each little shock seems to penetrate and pass through my sensible peanut, and feels tingly even from within as if it was torn in half and fixed back in an instant. The other pads are usually placed by my boyfriend around my body, and the nipples are a common target: they instantly become huge and rock hard after barely seconds of having it on.

Apart from its usual sexual functions we have recently found out it works wonders as a massage tool: many times i have had a relaxing treatment on my back and legs before starting to feel aroused and ready for sex. Those times my orgasms are so powerful that i squirt so much it just drips as if it was a faucet.

Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraints

restraint system reviewBeing tied up and bondaged can be one of the most extreme forms of sexual pleasure if done correctly. This particular harness, which is made of pure leather to add spiciness to the whole situation, is particularly made to be able to tie my wrists onto my back while spreading my legs open in front. It even squishes my boobs, which turns my boyfriend on a lot.

This sex swing is one of the best, especially at this price point. Usually he bonds me up in this harness on the floor. When it is in place, he then goes down between my legs and starts eating me out heavily. As much as I’d want to squirm and extend my arms to hold on to something, I cannot – and this makes the whole deal much more intense. Once I have orgasms once from his voracious pussy-eating method, he lifts me up and places me on the bed, while still wearing the kinky harness. He flips me over in a doggie position and starts teasing my already dripping wet snatch with his schlong. After teasing both himself and me, he goes ahead and rams me hard and fast, continuously. Considering i had just came a while ago, i still feel sensitive down there and his powerful pounding makes me feel a pain. But that pain feels so good at the same time – like a double edged sword.

Eventually he would decide if he wants to carry on inside my pussy or move his rod up and make it anal, just to give him a tight hole to have fun with while my other one recovers slowly.

The definition of extreme sex is not defined – usually people consider everything that’s not in the norm as extreme. The same goes for toys i would suppose. So the extreme my boyfriend and I consider as such may be ordinary to some and maybe an unheard-of-before extreme scandal. We consider our sex extreme because it is much more wild and carefree than a regular love-making session; and the toys are there to make it more spicy and fun – apart from allowing us to have a different game each time to avoid getting bored and falling into the spiral of boring sex.

The most important reasons as to why we use these toys are simple: we both want to have fun with them, and as i stated in the short introduction earlier, we care about our safety. Without a doubt the small electro-stimulator is much safer compared to having an improvised mix of wires plugged into the wall; the leather straps and furry handcuffs are much more delicate on the skin than the old rope we have stored in the garage; and so on. That would be enough of a reason, but there is another one which is a priority – specifically made sex toys are much more kinky to us than the random stuff in the house we used to use.

As for my solo sex toys, i feel much more comfortable using a huge rubber cock when my boyfriend is away rather than cheating on him. He knows this is accepts my toys which are solely for me. I love our extreme sexual experiences and would never trade them for a casual fuck with a softie.

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