Top 10 ROCK HARD Butt-Plug for Women

sexy butt plugsBeing very active sexually, I have been trying a lot of toys in the past which I use both by myself and with my occasional partner. I’ve taken a particular interest in butt plugs as they seem to stimulate me even more, and give me a more intense orgasm when combined with the usual vibrators or real cocks. I started using these when my then partner wanted to try anal sex, so I had to use something to stretch my anus as it is pretty tight down there. I felt that it was doing much more than widening it – it gave me a sensation of being slightly tickled while feeling sexually aroused and climaxing harder the more I used it.

These butt plugs come in a huge variety of materials; they can be smooth or rigged; vibrating or not; and of course, there are lots of different shapes and sizes. For those who have never tried using one of these, know that they differ compared to the dildoes used for the pussy, as butt plugs are shorter (considering they are not supposed to go all the way in) and tend to be shaped as a pear – getting wider as it goes deeper in. No need to worry about having it stuck inside as it has a sort of end piece with literally prevents it from totally entering the anus.

In this review I will talk about the ten anal plugs I have found and used in 2017

Cleanstream Inflatable Enema Plug4.5" long and 1.5" wideRubber$
Golden Steel Bondage Fetish Plug Anal Butt Jewellery reviewGolden Steel Bondage Fetish Plug Anal Butt Jewellery3" long and 1.1" wide - .3" stemMedical Grade Stainless Steel$
Crystal Glass Anal Plug for Women7 Types Set Anal Plug Butt7 Different Types(Sizes)Crystal Glass$$
Crystal Jelly Vibrator ReviewCrystal Jellies Anal Delight Trainer Vibrating Silicone4.7" long and 1" wideMedical Silicone$$
Triple Simulator ReviewTri Me Triple Stimulator Lavender8.5" long and 1.25" wideThermoplastic Rubber$$
stell butt plug reviewMetal Butt Plug Large 4 Inch Polished Steel4" long and 1.5" wideStainless Steel$$
T Explorer ReviewT-explorer Huge Head Glass Butt Plug2.63" long and 5.5" wideGlass$
Xl Cowboy hoss reviewTantus Cowboy Hoss XL13" long and 2" wideMedical Silicone$$$
titanmen 2017 reviewDoc Johnson TitanMen Intimidator6.6" long and 2.6" wideSoft Jelly PVC$
enjoy metal anal plug reviewNjoy Pure Plug3.75" long and 1.25" wideMedical Grade Stainless Steel$$

Top 10 Rock Hard Butt Plugs for Women

all you need is courage!

Cleanstream Inflatable Enema Plug


This is an innovative butt plug I found which is fully adjustable. Because of it being inflatable, it is easy to use for both first timers and veterans such as myself: use it on empty for a smaller one, or pump it up for a bigger size.

I tend to use it while sitting comfortably on the couch, in front of a big mirror to watch and challenge myself as to how big I can pump it up and masturbate with it before being satisfied. I usually insert it just a little bit until I feel my asshole is stretched enough and then I just pump it up a little: it feels like a surprise every time. Think of it as holding a pen tightly in your hand, and feeling it as it becomes bigger, trying to open up your closely clenched fist from inside, slowly – and now imagine it being in your butt, where each growth in size stimulates an immense number of nerves: that is exactly what I feel whenever I use this marvellous toy.

Sometimes, when I am wide enough, I love deflating it all of a sudden using the push release button and then pump it up again to the point it was before. It’s a new way I thought of masturbating anally: instead of sliding it in and out as usual, having it grow and shrink while remaining in the same place. Gradually having it grow in size after shrinking it makes me quiver in pleasure every single time. I kind of wish cocks could do this as it would feel amazing in my opinion.

Golden Steel Bondage Fetish Plug Anal Butt Jewellery


Golden Steel Bondage Fetish Plug Anal Butt Jewellery reviewI admit having bought this particular butt plug because it’s shiny and looks like jewellery. Basically it is a regularly sized buttplug made of gold-plated stainless steel. The best part of it, apart being able to masturbate with it, is being able to wear it as an actual piece of jewellery and surprise your date with it.

I was once on a date with a guy and he told me he’d take me to an expensive restaurant – so I got in a classy tube dress and put on some gold jewellery. When dinner was over I agreed to his proposal to spend the night at a nice hotel, so I went to the bathroom and stuck this putt plug in. Once I lay in bed fully dressed he lifted my dress and took my panties off to go down on me. You should have seen his face when he saw the crystal top of the toy – he was delightfully shocked, and ate me out voraciously! Things got even better then, as while his mouth was working, I was using widening (and pleasing) my anus by sliding the buttplug in and out slowly – making it easier for him to penetrate my butt afterwards.

While at home and alone, I sometimes use the toy laying comfortably on my back with my hand reaching for it from behind. Being made of stainless steel, it gets pretty cold when you start using it. But it actually feels nice to feel that cold metal knob entering me for the first time.

Crystal Glass Anal Plug


Crystal Glass Anal Plug reviewThis is a typically cone shaped buttplug with the usual length; what sets is part from all the rest is the fact that it is made of 100% transparent glass crystal. Which means that depending on how you use it and on which positions, you can actually see how your anus looks from the inside.

Trying to see inside is what actually provoked me into buying it – and that’s exactly what I did as soon as it arrived. I was thrilled to see, and so I slouched on the couch to make things easier on me. With my legs folded and spread open I slowly penetrated myself, looking at what my butt looked like from the inside using a small mirror laid right in front of me. With each slight movement my body quivered, and I was left with much more than the anatomy lesson I was expecting. I could see each little wrinkle from my butt hole untie itself, and with each little untie, a blast of pleasure made its way through my spine. I ended up using it for hours on end, even using a flashlight for more light, as I was really interested in seeing how such a little glass toy could give me so much pleasure.

And a casual partner also used it on me, and eventually took a liking to seeing I how looked on the inside and masturbated me with it for a long time, completely forgetting about himself as well. He completely ignored it after the first time her used it on me though.

Pnbb Crystal Jellies Anal Delight Trainer Vibrating Silicone Anal Plug Multi Speed Vibrator (G-Point)


Some say to stay away from conglomerates of various tools, but although this one looks like a mixture between some anal beads, a butt plug, and a vibrator – it’s nothing to stay away from. It’s a keeper as it can be used in a variety of positions to stimulate various areas.

My favorite way of using this is as I place myself into the doggie position, but instead of (or in addition to, of course) having a guy penetrate me, have the anal toy slowly slide in me. It has various sized beads embedded in its body, so by taking it in level by level I can control the width of how my anus opens up and how far it goes in. And once I am satisfied, I turn the vibration function on and let it do some magic. The vibrations can be controlled using a handy remote control, allowing me to completely forget about directly touching the butt plug and focusing instead on other body parts which would be happy for some attention – the clit, to name the top one on the list.

As the vibrations can get really strong at my command, I sometimes leave it on maximum and slowly stick it and out, very slowly – which seriously makes my whole body tremble in pleasure. To be honest, whenever I masturbate this way, I can never suffocate the loud moans that assault me whenever I slide each bead out, very slowly. This is honestly the best mixture of the best toys I could have ever imagined.

Tri Me Triple Stimulator Lavender


When I really want to have a good time and be downright naughty, I need to use my double butt plug. Which is technically a double penetration toy for both the anus and the pussy. Though you can actually use both of them in your butt, one at a time, to feel the different shapes and textures.

Considering one of the two is shaped like a dick, I usually use that when I want to ram my butt hard in an in-and-out motion. I turn on the vibration as I lay sideways on the bed with one leg in the air, and while sliding it in and out it feels great. As I give the other end which is shaped like some combined anal beads some attention, things get even better: each time a vibrating bead enters my butt it feels like as if I was orgasming. And keep in mind that the beads get bigger in size gradually.

And now for the wildest part, when I use the beads-shaped stick to enter my ass and the penis shaped one on my vagina the world stops completely. The amount of pleasure I feel as they are both vibrating makes it hard for me to even hold my other leg in the air. The pleasure I feel makes it fall on the bed, turning me into a squirming thing laying on the bed. I moan, quiver, shudder in pleasure as I raise the intensity of the vibrations increase – until I orgasm the first time. Then it starts over again for the second and third round, or until I am satisfied.

PURE Njoy Metal Butt Plug Large 4 Inch Polished Steel

buttplugenjoyHonestly, I love the feel of metal on my skin: especially the first few seconds where chills go down my spine from the cold touch. So, buttplugs are aplenty in my inventory.

This particular anal sex toy doesn’t apparently have any flashy features – it looks plain and doesn’t have any gems encrusted to it. But the shape is simply perfect: it has a larger head, which is connected to a thin straw. This makes it perfect to hold in longer periods of time.

The handle is something I find extremely useful. It has a ring which makes it much easier to pull out and maneuver. In the past, it has happened for a toy to be semi-stuck inside my anus after a passionate burst of squirming and contracting muscles, and their small handles didn’t help much. By being easy to handle, this toy has given me immense pleasure, both in my alone time and when in company.

Simply Blown The Stopper Hand Blown Glass Butt Plug, Large, Amethyst

amethyst stopperThere is something sexy about a sex toy being hand crafted and this is one of those toys. It is made of glass and hand crafted into its shape and color.

A small but terrible butt plug which has acted as a great assistant while pleasuring myself. An assistant because I have always used it alongside another toy.

My favorite way of using this is having it inserted in my asshole while I use a vibrator on my clit. The shape of this buttplug makes it feel like it squishes against the inner walls when my muscles contract, and with it having a fatter body, the pleasure is increased.

Also, because of its fatter body, I tend to use it only for short periods of time else it stretches me too much and I end up not enjoying it as much. For those short amounts of time though, it takes me to heaven.

Tantus Cowboy Hoss 100% Medical Grade Silicone Dildo

Tantus Cowboy Hoss 100 percent Medical Grade Silicone Dildo reviewThere’s no denying that this toy is best enjoyed by the experts, like me, or by those who have at least tried having anal sex before. This buttplug (which is just as effective if used as a dildo) really feels like having a real cock inside you; and let me add that its color certainly adds up to the fantasies you can have while using this.

Now, this isn’t a toy you can shove in any position because of its size, which really pokes deep into you – and by far, the best position I have found for this buttplug is when I lay on my side, slightly leaning forward with one leg raised in the air. After stretching myself with my fingers I’d cover the toy with a lot of lubricant and slowly work the big head inside me, letting it slide in and out a few times before ultimately pushing the veiny body inside too, savoring the many details it has. I like taking this big boy slowly, while my imagination goes wild.

Doc Johnson TitanMen Intimidator

31I82-qSnkLWhile I love using buttplugs when I feel like it, I had found the idea of continuously wearing one for an extended period of time quite unnerving. Not to say I didn’t want to try it out, I was just perhaps looking for the right set of toys with which I would be totally comfortable and knowingly safe.


I then found out about this set of 7 buttplugs, all bundled up together. I had tried their previous toys and enjoyed them, so I thought that these would be the best option I had. I tried masturbating while using one of them and found them amazing, and decided to try leaving one of them inside me (the smallest, mini sized one).

The experience was very pleasant: the toy stayed in place because of the vacuum that is created, and the geometric shape of the bulge felt amazing. The feeling I got from the shaft was simply amazing – and it gave me a totally new outlook on seating for extended periods of time. The different sizes really help out, as you can use whichever one you’re in the mood for.


This is one of those impulse purchases that I thought I would regret later. Thank the Gods it turned out well. This is one of the best plugs out there.   when you get it you’ll see that comes with it’s own satin lined storage box which really gives it that premium feel.  As for the plug itself, the finish is fantastic and the shape is great for both the experienced sex toy user and the timid first timers. It gives just the right amount of stretch (the medium one anyway) that’s eye rolling, leg quivering good.

It might be intimidating for the beginner, but as I’ve said before, the shape is just right that it lends itself well to slow insertions. It’s made out of stainless steel so depending on how your really like it, you might want to warm it up first in a glass of warm water. After that, it retains heat quite well. Rest assured, once its in, it’s gonna get even hotter.

Another great thing about it is that the handle has a hole in the middle you can hook your fingers into. It’s perfect for those who are slightly less flexible – you can reach down and easily push in and out. All in all, it is an amazing plug and great value for money.

All of these toys are the latest addition to my personal collection of butt plugs, and I have had a lot of time to experiment with each of them. Of course, I also tried to mix and match, by using one of them to start off and another one to carry on and increase my pleasure. All of them can make me feel like I do not need anyone in the world but myself – but if I was told to choose from them, I would go to the vibrating ones, and in particular the bead-looking plugs. Everything is simply much easier when hands free, leaving both my hands to explore my body and stimulate my nipples or clit. I even finger myself sometimes as the buttplugs to their job on the rear part.

I have never experienced any problems from using anal toys – some complain about having their anus become very sore. Believe me, its part of the game for it to hurt – there is no gain without pain. All you have to do is to be very hygienic and make sure to clean your toys after using them, as well as making sure they are intact and clean the next time you use them. The care is mutual: you take care of them, and they take care of you.

Since I started using and experimenting butt plugs and other toys to experience anal pleasure, I have understood that I cannot live without these toys. While the occasional sex is great – one will never be able to please me as much as I know to please myself, especially when it comes to anal pleasure.

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    Jerry Noble

    Hi Ariana,

    I’m confused. Did you have all 7 of the buttplugs in the set in in the one go? Not sure how this works. Love your stuff on butt plugs,

    All the best

    • Reply February 24, 2017

      Ariana Brown

      Hi Jerry. not sure what you mean. If you’re asking if they come as a set, then yes they do. If you’re asking whether I use them all in one go, it kind of depends. If you’re a newbie, it certainly helps make it easier. hope that clears it up.

      Regards! xoxo

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