TOP 10 Best DIY Home Made Sexy Toys 2017


There is an infinity of sex toys one can buy. A few years back, stores were made that specifically sold these kind of products; with internet, nowadays all you have to do is visit a site dedicated to sex toys, and you are clicks away from receiving whatever you have chosen to use. To be honest, i have tried with both the physical and virtual stores, and while they are really effective and get the job done efficiently, i love making my own toys. Sometimes you’ve got to scratch that itch you know? It works for you and your partner. There are a lot of ingenious ways for you to find satisfaction for a fraction of the price. You just need to get creative.

Having Some Fun

DIY homemade sex toysI am a housewife in her forties, and i simply adore doing do-it-yourself kinds of jobs. I am alone most of the day as my kids go to school and my husband’s at work. I am loyal to him and would never betray him. So apart from doing the daily chores, i am left with not much to do. I dedicate these long hours to autoerotism and trying out new toys from casual things in the house, or when i feel creative i even mix up and match things to make them more efficient and pleasing.

I have been able to use and create hundreds of homemade sex toys, I would love to describe them all and show you how they’re done (and of course how to use them and the effects they have on me) but that would take so long. Nobody wants to read it all i’m sure, so i will just talk about the best ones, which are very simple to find or make and work like the branded versions of it.

Top 10 DIY Home Made Sex Toys

youll be suprised on what you could do with your everyday stuff



Zucchini DIY HOMEMADE SEX TOYSWhile there are thousands of jokes out there about women masturbating with various vegetables, i’m pretty sure not many have actually tried using one instead of the traditional rubber dick. Just to cite a few that come to mind instantly: cucumbers, eggplants, and zucchini – they all have the right shape, but are usually ignored in a sexual field if not as a pun which has become very widespread.

To make things quick and to avoid bringing vegetables out of the kitchen and maybe stain the bed or couches, masturbating on the kitchen floor with a cucumber is perfect – also because it is still pretty cold when freshly taken out of the fridge. It’s that cold feeling that makes me short of breath and prevents me from exhaling. It gets gradually more intense as it slides inside, but after a few seconds it will eventually warm up because of the heat coming from within the crotch.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing the vegetable which is destined to make you cum is its freshness; just like when choosing the one to eat. Definitely you do not want to masturbate with an eggplant that is so ripe it literally gets soft when you touch it. You want to choose the one which is perfectly hard. LPT: Of course, buying raw, hard vegetables will make people doubt your intentions with them, so think about mixing one or two immatures among the bunch of ripe ones.

So far i have never re-used those veggies in any dishes afterwards. It sounds gross – so i basically destroy it afterwards and throw it away. Like a black widow.

Cellphone and sealable plastic bag


cellphone sex toyConsidering that people nowadays use their cellphones for anything: from the traditional calling and texting, to taking pictures and playing games, I considered using mine to masturbate. Hygiene was an issue considering that I place my phone everywhere – so among the usual disposable plastic bags i have found that the most effective ones are the small resalable freezer plastic bags.

By placing the cellphone inside the plastic bag, and have it vibrate from the settings or downloading especially created apps that make it vibrate non-stop, the amount of ways you can do is almost unlimited. Using it as a vibrating bullet and having it placed just over the clit and moving it around slowly works pretty well to arouse yourself before any other self-played games. I have also experienced placing the whole plastic bag with the phone inside me: The most important thing was making sure i was holding at least a corner of the bag tightly between my fingers; I wouldn’t want to lose it in there. I would be so embarrassed about it if I had to go to the hospital because of it. But even considering the risk, i cannot help it and occasionally use it. While on the couch watching TV, it would vibrate because of a message received – that would trigger me into using it most of the time, even if it means just placing it above the clit and leaving it there while i fantasize about whoever it is i see on TV.


Washing machine

sexy donig laundryAnother widely spread idea consists of using the traditional washing machine to maximize pleasure during a sexual encounter; and this idea has spread predominantly because of the various movies this particular action is shown. From the classics in black and white, to the more computer enhanced movies nowadays, there tends to be a scene where the female lead is placed on top of the washing machine while the guy is in front of her with malicious intent. Then it usually fades to black and leaves to rest to our imagination.

There are two different ways from which i take pleasure in while using the washing machine. First and most commonly of all is simply sitting on top of it (Our one is the one with the opening on the side, not the newer ones which are loaded on top), while the spin cycle rages on. This makes it vibrate so much(just like a vibrator would), that simply sitting there makes me wet. I the release the tension by playing with my snatch using my fingers, enhanced by the vibrations from below. The other way consists of rubbing my nether parts against one of the corners of the machine while it cycling function goes on. I guess this could be used by the top loaded models as well, as there is no weight to be added on top: you just have to pull down your undies, bend over, and lean with your snatch and ass against one of the vibrating corners. It sometimes gets so intense that way that i just cannot keep my knees still and will eventually have to kneel and lean to reach my orgasm.


Flexible shower head

flexible shower head sex toyEven the most innocent household item which is frequently used my the whole family can become an interesting homemade sex toy. One of these items that does not require any modifications is the shower head. Take note that it has to be the flexible one you can move around the bathtub or shower cubicle, and not the fixed shower head coming directly out of the wall.

This works a hundred times better than most commercial vibrators i have bought as i am in full charge of the temperature and strength of the water than comes out of it: think of it from being able to choose between a cold drizzle and a hot, steamy jet of warm water. Ideally i have the bathtub half filled with warm water and soak myself in it. I will then eventually feel relaxed and touch myself underwater – i would reach for the shower head and raise my hips above the waterline, and turn the water on lightly, alternating between warm and chilly. In a slow crescendo i would make the jet of water stronger (using either hot or cold water – depends on my mood i guess) and just hover the shower head above my snatch and clit. The water gushing out of it will be enough to stimulate me in various points, and the rest is pretty easy to predict: I will be raising and lowering my hips in the water as the shower keeps shooting water out as I moan and release gloriously.



sexy candleCandles are made of the perfect material for penetration, they are smooth, slippery, and come in all kinds of length and diameter. I have used candles to try out an anal penetration for the first time. I bought a couple of those very slim candles and hid them away; i then pulled them out when i was alone and tried inserting one up my rectum slowly while i was bent over on top of the bed. It went in as smooth as oil, and it made me more easily susceptible to cuming afterwards.

In parallel, i have been using a lot of the wider candles to masturbate the traditional way. At first i was content with the usual round shape, but then i got the idea that carving different shapes on them might be a little more interesting. This made me very eager for everyone to leave the house where i would be totally alone and free to work on various shapes only to then masturbate with it. I tried making a dick shaped one, a rigged one, one which looked the underside of a tire, another one which was undulated, and tons more of them.

The positions I used them on myself were almost always the same, and that was laying stomach down in bed with my legs opened up to ease the penetration, and had relatively good orgasms. What made them more exciting was the fact that I was the one who carved and made the thing entering me. But if you are not as excited as I am with using candles to masturbate, you can never go wrong with a 12 inch dildo.


For Men ( it’s more fun together right?)

I love doing this for my husband. Sometimes I’m away on a long trip and I leave some of these for him. It keeps things fun and fresh! Sometimes we set it up that we masturbate in front of each other. It feels intimate and slightly voyeuristic at the same time. It’s a fantastic way to shake things up.

The Towel Method

For this you need one glove, one surgical glove, one tube shaped object that can be a placeholder for a penis, some lube and 2 rubber bands.

Here’s how you do it:

Fold your towel until it is roughly the size of your penis.

Place the rubber glove near the edge of the towel (space it one inch away from the edge), then place tube shaped object (a tube of toothbrush works) on top of the rubber glove.

Next, you roll everything up and hold it in place using one rubber band at the far egdge. Then, you pull out the tube shape object so that you’re left with a cavity.

Pull out the edge of the glove and stretch it over the edge of the towel. Next, you hold them together using your remaining rubber band.

Just lube it up and you’re good to go! (pro tip: you can place this in between your couch cushions for optimal pressure)

The great thing about this is that it’s very versatile. You can use this technique on various items you can find around the house. (two sponges, a piece of fruit, shower beads)


The Final Word

As you can see, a regular house is full of sex toys for those who open their eyes and start seeing each accessory and thing on display differently: By just looking around what is currently on my computer table I can see a couple of things I could try out. All it takes is the initiative.

Regardless of what you do end up using to please you sexually, the most important thing is safety: I have never tried things that could potentially harm me; I have also made sure that everything I use is squeaky clean. I usually sterilize everything I use perfectly well before using. Also, do think about what to do with the item once you are done with it. For example, mixing the cucumber you used to masturbate in your dinner salad might not be the most suitable thing to feed your kids, even if you washed it thoroughly. I also tend to dispose of my the other things I use, such as the dick-shaped candles – for the other irreplaceable parts, such as the shower head or the washing machine; a nice cleaning will do the job just fine, as it seems impractical to change them after each time.

I used to get paranoid about it at first, and kept asking myself: “what if they find out?” or “will they notice a smell around the house?” It’s been a few years and no one suspects anything. I just feel happier in general – as i no longer get bored when left alone at home without having to resort to cheating.

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