Top 10 Butterfly Vibrators for the Adventurous Type

Butterflies are cute. Not only because of their nice colors or the way they float around from flower to flower, but also because of their shape. Because of their shape, butterflies perfectly cup the shape of a pussy.

Top 10 butterfly vibratorsFor this, a lot of sex toys have come out in which the part stimulating the outer vagina and clit take the shape of a butterfly: we call these butterfly vibrators. There are many varieties of these vibrators: some are only supposed to stimulate the outer part of a girl’s pussy while others also have a stick (which can also vibrate on some models while it’s still in others) which is meant to be used for internal penetration. Other butterfly toys can also stimulate other body parts such as your anus. What’s important is trying out which ones work best for you and focus on those.

As for me, in my early twenties now and still studying, I can no longer look at butterflies and think innocently of them. They have already corrupted my body and mind, but considering they did so in a good way, I always love them.


I have a little selection of the best butterfly toys available on the internet (I buy from there as it’s much more discreet and safe than walking into the sexy shops around town). They are an assorted bunch and I want to show the benefits of the best five that I own, to try and convince you to start using them too, as they seem to be much ore effective than the traditional vibrators.

Top 10 Butterfly Vibrators for the Adventurous!

Here's a list of the nastiest butterfly vibrators ever made. 🙂

Pretty Love Silicone Butterfly Penis Dildo 12 Function Vibrator Massager

Pretty Love Silicone Butterfly Penis Dildo 12 Function Vibrator Massager reviewApart from being purple, cute, and extremely large, I was intrigued by the 12 functions this butterfly vibrator advertised. After unpacking it from its pretty box, I was delighted by how it felt to the touch: rigid but very delicate; just how a 100% silicon covered toy should be.


Before using it I sat down and tried out the different programs which were available and was happy to see I met its advertised features of 12 strengths of vibration and 7 rotation modes (some are similar to each other though, but good enough).


The best part about this toy is, personally, the climax it gives me as I change intensity while using it. Imagine starting out with the butterfly just barely buzzing against your clit as you penetrate yourself; and then starting out the body’s rotation while the vibrations against your clit increase; everything starts to pulse as the intensity gets stronger and stronger; and ultimately you find yourself out of breath, panting after an amazing orgasm. This is what happens to me, every single time – definitely something to try out if you already hadn’t.


Silicone Butterfly Vibrator


When times demand you to have extreme pleasure, which involves having your clit extremely aroused while you are being penetrated both vaginally and anally, this is the bad butterfly which will satisfy your needs.

Apart from the regular fluttering butterfly and penis-shaped pussy penetrator, it also incorporates a thin anal rod that will snug-fully enter your anus and tickle it until it feels good as it pushes it against the sensitive parts towards the pussy’s side. It features seven different vibrating and rotating intensities to match your lust’s level.

I use the bad butterfly when I really need to release a huge amount of stress. Think of this as my way of doing angry-sex when I am all by myself. Because it is supposed to be a rough and hard experience, there is no going soft or slow for me here. After lubing it up real well I leave it aside for a second as I prepare both my holes for a penetration. My fingers first go inside my clam and then a single finger expands my anus just a little. I then grad the toy and let it enter me. I tend to use it without the vibration at first and rather push it in and out hard, accompanied by some strong exhales blended with moans and shouts. This really releases all the built up negative feelings I had inside of me. While the butterfly helps a lot, I tend to completely ignore it when I am about to come amidst loud, exhaustive moans because I pump the toy wildly. I get exhausted after using this.


Platinum Edition Butterfly Kiss in Pearlescent Pink


Platinum Edition Butterfly Kiss in Pearlescent Pink reviewThis is one of the very basic butterfly vibrators I own that is always reliable when it comes to giving me the chills while masturbating.

Its butterfly wings are shaped perfectly to cup lips entirely, while the little antennae on top of the butterfly’s head deliver the right squeeze around the clit. Also this butterfly vibe also has a nicely-shaped shaft which massages the internal vagina nicely and seems to try hard to reach the magical spot. The whole package came with a bullet vibrator and a clit stimulating cream.

Before getting right to the action, spreading some of that lotion really makes everything better as it seems to make me much more sensitive. As I get on the bed and lay down with my toy in one hand, I use the other hand to massage myself really well and give my clam some soft taps. I then insert the toy in and switch one of the three vibrating programs on. I can feel the fluttering wings of the butterfly instantly, and as soon as the antennae vibrate for a few seconds my whole body feels like melting. The stick going inside also vibrates, making it a vibrating experience in the whole area. Forgetting about the whole world in those 15 minutes I use it for seem the minimum. My mind can only focus on the vibrations and tingling my whole body feel from the starts, right up to the magic time when I orgasm and move in bed as if a was having spasms all over.


Brand New Wireless Venus Butterfly “Category: Clit Stimulating Vibrators”


Brand New Wireless Venus Butterfly Clit Stimulating Vibrators reviewThis particular butterfly vibrator is a hands-free version that only focuses on stimulating the clit. Because of it being completely hands free and attachable to you body, it is the perfect kind of toy you want to use when you want to focus on doing work with your hands as well.

For example, I use this toy when I also want to finger myself at my own pace, without any kind of toy entering me. So I fix the straps to my waist and my thighs as to have the clit directly pressed against it. I then press the button and let it start its intense vibrations. As it works there by itself, I am fully free to do what I want with my hands: I usually stimulate both of my nipples by pinching and rubbing them and then end up moving one of my hands down to my crotch to penetrate myself and tickle my anus slightly. Because the butterfly vibe is fixed onto my body, I also have complete freedom to swap positions and squirm around in bed or wherever I am without worrying about it falling off or being interrupted.

It feels like a long, continuous clit massage that slowly builds up momentum and leaving you space to do as you please at the same time. The motto written on the box it came with says: “Spread your wings and let your passion soar”. I totally agree, although I find it extremely cheesy and laughed at it at first.




12 Speeds Remote Control Butterfly Strap-on Vibrator


12 Speeds Remote Control Butterfly Strap-on Vibrator review

Its job is to save me from those endless boring work meetings and long trips. I either take a minute off to go to the bathroom and place it on myself or wear it directly from home as its not too bothersome.

Another strap-on butterfly vibrator that deserves much credit. Although it is similar in shape to the previous one. This butterfly has a mini dick sticking from its body, which is always nice to have and also a remote control with 12 different vibration intensities ranging from a mild experience to a pulsating throb that will make the whole house vibrate. Because of these two little additional functions i have given this one a particular job.

As I sit there, I just discreetly pull out the remote control (making sure no one notices the pink remote control in my hand) and make it vibrate: very slowly and calmly. Having the soft vibrations there makes me feel much more alive and I usually end up daydreaming and the whole ordeal passes by so much quicker. Of course, I have to be very careful when using it in public: I wouldn’t want to set it to such a strong intensity that the nearby people would notice me masturbating right there besides them; and also, I have to be very careful to just make it a tease, and not a masturbation with a direct intention of getting an orgasm. Just thinking about moaning while sitting at that silent table worries me, but also turns me on because it’s a risky challenge.



Vibrating Thrusting Rabbit Butterfly Clit Stimulator


Vibrating Thrusting Rabbit Butterfly Clit Stimulator review

I use this toy in a position where I can keep my back straight; best one being bent over my knees with my face on the bed. While my ass is in the air, my pussy is also well opened, ready to be entered.

This butterfly vibrator on the other hand is a regular one with a twist: it can thrust all by itself without you having to pull it in and out. This means that the butterfly will always embrace your clit while the inner shaft will do its job on its own, without you having to slide it over and over. The box came over with a nice warming lube that really works well. Anyway, this toy mixes the pleasures of a manual dildo and a fixed butterfly vibrator. All you have to do is slide it in for the first time and then set the speed and intensity of its thrusting part and then the vibration of the butterfly. Sounds complicated by it just takes seconds to do thanks to the handy scroll wheels located on the handle. Try the commands out before penetrating.

I slowly push the well-lubed toy in while it is set to minimum vibrations only. Once the butterfly is in place I start operating the thrusting and build up its speed until I am satisfied. Raising the intensity of the butterfly also helps at this point. Although it’s better not to move because it would take the butterfly’s fluttering away I find it hard to keep steady when I am about to come. The rewards for staying still are extremely high though.




When choosing the right butterfly vibrator for yourself you need to think about two things mostly: they way you want to be pleased and the size the butterfly should be. You don’t want to get a vibrator with a huge butterfly if your clam is a cute, tiny thing; the same works the other way around although it might work a little if you have a massive snatch and expect a baby butterfly to satisfy you. Carefully decide if you want a rod attached to your butterfly as well. Some love it with, and others without. As for me personally I like both. There are times when I just want my clit to be stimulated, while at times I really like getting my love hole sore; and at rare times, my anus demands some attention that doesn’t involve toilet paper or intimate soaps.


Whatever you decide your butterfly to look like, do not be afraid to try out the different kinds that you avoided at first, in the end nobody knows if they were a better choice: and you will never know unless you try. I’ve bought various butterflies that seemed to be interesting, but did not really cut it out for me or my tastes. I would list them but I don’t want to give anyone the idea of completely avoiding them. They did not cut it for me but might be the best thing in the word for you. I won’t ruin you the fun of choosing, but if you select one of my top rated butterfly vibrators, then surely you won’t be disappointed.

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