Top 10 Sex Swings That You Don’t Wanna Miss!

Sex swings have been around for ages. Go to any sex club (a swingers club if you will!) and you will find a sex swing and usually a queue to use it! Search on the internet for sex swings videos and you will get thousands of examples from where the devices have been used in professional (and some amateur) sex film, often in extreme gangbang scenes.

top 10 sex swingsSex swings were once the domain of the serious sex club or professional dungeon but with changes in technology and improved demand they are now within the reach of anyone. My first experience of a sex swing was in a swinging club in the UK. I had visited a couple of times and had watched couples and two girls playing on the swing, it always looked a little awkward but the girls always seemed to be having great fun. When I finally got to try the swing out I was hooked, it was sensational for getting head with me able to spread my legs and give the guys easy access. As I was so balance I was able to move around easily and as another guy was at my head end I was able to shift my weight, tilt back and give him a great blow job whilst another man was going down on me. For sex the swing was sensational, with be feeling almost weightless I was able to manoeuvre myself to take a deep and hard fucking. I especially found it god for anal, as I was so much in control I could get the angle and intensity just right!

At this point I decided I must have one and went on a buying binge. In this article I will tell you about what to look for in a sex swing and rate the best ones.

The first consideration is the material you want the swing made from. There are basically two choices, leather or manmade. To be fair, either are good, the leather is more erotic and will appeal to fetish lovers but is more expensive, the man made versions tend to be less expensive but don’t expect them to look cheap!

Next to discuss is the harness points on the swing. They take two forms, those with a back/butt support and those without. The swings without back support will generally be less expensive but will offer much less support to the user, making prolonged use uncomfortable. The sex swings with back or butt support are suitable for prolonged use, so foreplay and sex is possible for you stallions out there!

The final thing to consider is the anchor point. There are three choices, either door frame, celling or frame anchored. The easiest is the frame but this is also the most expensive and takes up the most room. You can try the celling anchor but you need to ensure that the fixing is solid, these things normally take a lot of use! You may also need to think how you will explain the industrial fitting hanging from the roof! Final choice is simple, a door jam, pressure mounted swing.

So Here Are Our TOP 10 Sex Swings

Take Your Experience To The NEXT LEVEL!

360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing

360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing reviewThe 360 Degree spinning swing seems the top choice, with a fixing kit included it is easy to install for even the most novice DIYer.

It has adjustable torque and comfortable nylon straps with butt/back support. The spring action and 360 spin mean that all positions are possible and achievable. When I tried this I used in conjunction with a stand, it was brilliant! Not quite as robust as the one in the sex club, the fact there was less material meant it gave my man (or men if I was feeling adventurous) better access. The best thing about this type of swing is that you can totally give yourself to your partners, they can use you as hard as they like but because of the way even the smallest change in weight will move you means that you keep some form of control, very useful f you have two or three guys horny and giving it hard to you!

The Lux Fetish Door Jam Love Swing

The Lux Fetish Door Jam Love Swing reviewThe Lux Fetish Door Jam Love Swing is a real starting point for many couples.

The swing is lightweight and discreet, easy to assemble and is suitable for weights up to 250lb. If you have never tried a swing before and want to give one a go then this could be a great starting point. An alternative is the Pipedreams Fetish Fantasy Couples Door Swing, also in the budget range. My first purchase was a door swing and trust me when I say it wasn’t too bad. It was a great affordable way to start to play with sex swings. I found that it was excellent for couples, you could achieve all sorts of positions and for oral sex and penetration it did a comparable job to the stand mounted swings, I had a sensational orgasm through a long night of anal sex when we got ours, something that without the support of a swing, I find quite uncomfortable. I still have my door swing now and will use it occasionally but I always take it on vacation with me and have used it in many hotel bathroom doorways! Because of the swing being in a doorway I wouldn’t recommend it for multiple partners as when you want to swap places it can become awkward and really spoil the moment!

The Ultimate Sex Swing Stand and the Universal Sex Swing Stand

The UThe Ultimate Sex Swing Stand reviewltimate Sex Swing Stand and the Universal Sex Swing Stand are both metal structures made from steel.

They are both easy to put together and dismantle for simple storage. If you do buy one of the higher end swings then these are recommended as they mean no permanent damage or fixing to you walls or ceilings. I would not be without my stand. It means that I am not bound by where I can use my swing. In the winter I will usually use it downstairs in the lounge. I am able to move the furniture so I can place the swing in the middle of the room and let the men get to me from all sides! I have had some great sessions with my swinging friends and when it comes to my turn to host a party, we always get more girls because they know that at some point they will get a turn! One recommendation put a waterproof sheet under the swing as the girls can sometimes get a little carried away! My one friend whilst being fucked in the swing found the perfect angle and she ended up squirting all over my carpet! The best thing about the stand is to take it into the outdoors. At summer parties we always get groups of men taking it in turns to pleasure one of the girls and I have a friend called Carrie who loves to lie in the sing, tilted back and get fisted, with her able to adjust angles until he pussy is full! I have even gone with my partner to a woods and arranged to meet some guys there for a gangbang. We arrived 20 minutes early so we could set the swing up, you should have seen their faces when they arrived.

The Whip Smart, Wild SEX, Bondage Love Swing, Fetish Fantasy Deluxe and Topco models

Fetish Fantasy Deluxe reviewThe Whip Smart, Wild SEX, Bondage Love Swing, Fetish Fantasy Deluxe and Topco models are all suitable for ceiling or frame mounting and all come highly recommended.

They all have their merits as fun devices! Your decision will come down to a choice of body harness points and maybe even colour. Whichever device you choose, take some time to get to know it. The adjustments you can make by changing the position and length are infinite and finding the right position can be the difference between a good fuck and a mind blowing, body shaking orgasm!


Bondage Love Swing

Bondage Love Swing reviewAnother device that seems popular and would come with my recommendation is the Bondage Love Swing.

Being partial to bondage and being submissive what this swing has is a number of anchor points so rope or restraints can be applied to it. I have used it with a metal leg spreader, ropes and a gag and blindfold to make me 100% submissive. I have been in the swing, naked, spread and exposed so my partner, or any one he desires has been able to use me. Other swings can be used in more bondage situations but they tend to be a little clumsy, this swing with its anchor points especially designed BDSM use is built for the job!


Luxury Swing w/ Steel Triangle Frame and Spring

Something quite new to the market and a lot of fun is the Luxury Swing w/ Steel Triangle Frame and Spring.

This is more of a harness than a swing. I is great for couples and takes up no space. The penetration you get from these is amazing! How it works is the male wears it and it is designed so that when the woman gets in it their weights balance each other so it is easy to fuck standing up. Out of all the swings this is the one that gives the woman least control. My partner makes me use this if he thinks I have been a naughty girl and I am helpless as he thrusts inside me, I just have to smile and take it!



Ultimate Sex Swing Stand

trinityvibesreviewAt some point, I was getting a little fed up with the mobility issues of always using ceiling and door mounted swings, not to mention that I was starting to worry about my door frames when we’d have parties.

With the constant use, I was starting to think they might crack under the pressure, and leave me with lots more repairs to do.

So I searched online for a solution and came across this frame, which has proven itself to be sturdy so far. It is made of heavy-duty steel, and it has been able to accommodate all my swings, as well as my chubbier girlfriends when it’s their turn to use it.

I can place it anywhere indoors, without being limited like before, and the fact that I can dismantle it easily when I’m not using it gives it even more bonus points in my book. Discreet and strong – the best stand of the kind I have ever tried out within its price range.



Trinity Sex Swing

trinityvibesswing reviewThis is one of the most versatile sex swings I have tried with guys and girls. Because of its strong build which can hold both me and another person on, the positions I have tried this on are really many.

The fact that it has extra wide and comfortable straps and a top bar to hold on to means that powerful and wild fuck sessions are to be expected when I pull this swing out.

Where I place it depends purely on the occasion, when it comes to having private sexy time with a lover or two, I hang it up on my permanent celling spot; while if a huge orgy or party fucking is in plan, I pull out my stand and install it there wherever the venue is.

While browsing for it I noticed the photo, and decided to try the position out where the man is hanging and I ride his cock – it really felt awesome, as if I was having sex while flying – and I have been doing that position pretty frequently now.



These sex swings are now within the reach of any couple. They are no longer thought of as some kind of bondage device, designed to restrain whilst a submissive is subjected to all kinds of pain, but are now considered a piece of equipment for both halves of a couple to use and enjoy to enhance their love making. With the choices available and number of manufacturers, gone are the days when loves swings were heavy, hand crafted leather structure that looked like ancient torture devices and needed home remodelling just to hold their heavy hanging chains up. Now they are small and compact toys that will easily stow away under the bed, and look and feel like modern, well-made toys.

The positions available are limitless, and rather than just using them for intercourse, the swings are excellent for foreplay, particularly oral sex and mutual masturbation. They are also highly recommended for couples with back problems, with their infinite adjustability, enabling limitless changing of positions so that comfort during love making can be achieved.

If you are a sexual experimentalist (and obviously your partner shares you interest!) then you can really go wild with one of these toys. Whether you choose the simple door jam device for a quick rumble or a spinning multi point harness and its own steel stand for a long night of passion, you are sure to broaden your sexual horizons and discover positions you never thought were possible with a sex swing.

I could not imagine being without my sex swing now. Make no mistake, I still love a night of passionate love making in my bed and me an my man do this much more than we use the sex swing, but the sensations you get from the sex swing are another level. My partner, with the sex swing, is able to give me head for as long as I like. He can either kneel down or adjust me so my pussy is level with his head. I love to get fucked in the swing as I orgasm harder and better and can achieve multiple orgasms, with multiple partners if I am lucky! Since I started using the swings I have re-discovered anal sex. It used to be a treat for my partner as it was really uncomfortable but now with the swing I can ease him in at my pace and take him deep and hard! You do not need to be as adventurous as I am. There is no need for multiple partners, gangbangs, anal, bondage or anything else. It can just be a great way of getting a good, hard fuck but in total comfort!

Go on, give it a try, you know you want to!


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    Charles Lengel

    I have been enjoying sex swings since 1981. You can achieve incredible sex with one. A plethora of positions can be used with ease. It looks kind of nasty while using one.

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