Your Top Aneros Vice Review

Guys – sex toys are NOT just for girls! Sure, you’ve likely seen the array of pocket pussies and stuff like that but have you checked out the prostate stimulators that you can get? Yes, I’m talking about things that go in your bum. But don’t panic. It seriously feels good and if you can’t get passed the idea of putting some small little toy barely inside your backdoor you are really missing out on some serious pleasure.

The Aneros Vice is a prostate vibe that is designed and built just for men.

It’s smooth and sleek and not girly looking at all. This is a vibrator that is manly!

prostate massagerThe bulbous shape of the Aneros Vibe is what gives it the most comfortable feeling. It’s not sharp or pointy – it’s gentle and easily slides right into place. There’s a little bit of pressure the first time you use it but just relax and the pressure will ease off. Once in place, it stays there and the feeling of fullness becomes quite enjoyable. It’s completely hands free and once the vibrator is in place, get ready for some of the most amazing sensations you have ever felt!

When you get your Aneros Vibe you can open it. Inside you’ll find a AAA battery, the vibrating bullet, the silicone butt plug and instructions.

Aneros Vice Review

The Aneros Experience

The silicone plug is the part that goes inside you. The bullet is the vibrator that fits inside the silicone plug. The plug has a pleasing velvet-like texture and is made of medical grade silicon. It’s hypoallergenic so completely safe for anyone to use. The silicone plus is easy to bend and manipulate but when you slide the bullet inside it becomes more rigid to keep the plug snug against your prostate.

The Aneros Vibe has 3 modes so you can choose the one that works best for you. You can change modes by clicking the button that is on the end. That same button turns it on or off by holding it. There is a constant vibration mode which is awesome but intense. You might want to hold off on this mode at first if you like a slow warm up or if you’ve never used a prostate vibrator before. There is a revving vibration which starts low, increases intensity, and then revs down slowly. A lot of people like this as it brings them close to orgasm and then takes it down a notch so that you don’t get there too fast. The last mode is a tapping vibe – start, stop, start, stop, start, stop.


Ready to have some fun now? Turn off your cell phone and get ready to have some great time – by yourself or with a partner. Get your lube ready and have a towel nearby so that you don’t have to touch the controls with messy hands. Makes it a lot easier for clean up later. Slip the vibe into the silicone sleeve and then lube it up. More is better guys. Take a deep breath or two – get relaxed. Lay on the bed on your side and pull one leg up for easier access and slide it in. Give yourself a minute to adjust and then turn it on to the mode you want to try first. And then let the pleasure commence.

You really don’t need a partner or any other stimulation to use this prostate vibe. Trust me – it’s more than enough. But if your partner wants to get involved, some manual or oral stimulation can really enhance the experience.

Once you’ve had your fun, clean up is easy. You can put it in the sink with warm water and clean it with a mild soap (not dish soap though!). Or if you have it you can use an antibacterial soap that is made for sex toys. Don’t get water in the cap end of the bullet though to make sure your toy lasts for a long time.

Air dry and it will be ready for your next fun times.

The Aneros Vice prostate stimulator is great for pleasure but once you start using it you will find that there are other benefits to it. For example, if you stimulate your prostate regularly, you will find that you have longer orgasms. In fact, many men experience multiple orgasms for the first time in their lives. It’s a great sex toy for any man that wants to find more pleasure in his sex life and bring more pleasure to their partner, too. Sex toys are not just for single people anymore. Women have known this for ages. Now it is time for guys to start taking advantage of all the fun that adding sex toys can bring to the bedroom. Don’t settle for sex toys that are made for girls. Get the Aneros Vice – a sex toy that is made for men!


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