Top 10 All Rounder Best Sex Wedges

Presently, as well as in the past, I have found myself to be using sex wedges – mostly because of their convenience.

top10bestsexwedgesThey are great to use in the bedroom as well as packing them for camping trips and outdoor strolls; they allow me to try out lots of new positions and make everything much more comfortable. Honestly, sex wedges are pretty underrated and often looked over, with lots of people dismissing them by simply saying “I’ll just use a pillow instead” – but believe me that they can make the difference between an average fuck and an extraordinary sex experience. Here are my choices:

So Here Are Our TOP 10 Sex Wedges!

Do Impossible Positions!!

Liberator Jaz Sex Positioning Pillow

Liberator Jaz Sex Positioning Pillow reviewThis wedge is one of my favorites when it comes to out of the house use: it is very compact in comparison with other travel wedges but gets the job done, especially when you need to be discreet in carrying it around.

It has an inner, moisture proof liner which protects it from little accidental drops on it – and the outermost suede cover is easy to remove and can be washed with a washing machine, which always comes in handy as getting it dirty cannot be avoided. I do admit that because of its small size, the wilder positions are hard to do, but I like postponing those for the bedroom, where I have other larger wedges. On a positive side though, because of its small size, you can always dispatch it as a travel pillow when a nosy tent neighbor asks too many questions, as it has already happened to me a few times.


Liberator Black Label 24″ Wedge/Ramp Combo

Liberator Black Label 24 WedgeRamp Combo reviewThe Liberator Black Label 24″ Wedge/Ramp Combo is definitely one of those wedges that I consider a must have in the bedroom – and I want to underline bedroom because it is pretty bulky to carry around.

The possibilities of new sex positions with this piece of awesome sex furniture are endless: whether your partner faces the ramp or the wedge, you are always guaranteed to have deep penetrations. I have found that the best use of this is when it is placed on the bed and my partner is in doggy position, as she is always raised to the right height, allowing me to ram her with ease (allowing me to go for much longer without getting tired and enjoying everything much more). A handy addition to this already great item is that it comes with a free cuffing kit, allowing for some great bonding sex as well, when we really want to get down and dirty.


Liberator 24″ Wedge/Ramp Combo (Short) in Black Microfiber

Liberator 24 WedgeRamp Combo Short in Black Microfiber reviewThis model of the Liberator is simply the short version of the above mentioned one, which comes without the straps.

Being shorter as both its pros and cons, of course – but because of its smaller size, it’s easier to move it around, making it ideal for quickies and oral sex sessions. I have found myself to be using this a lot for oral sex, both giving and receiving. The partner gets in doggy position, and being at exactly the right height, I get perfect access to her spread pussy for a buffet; and I lay on it when it is my turn, giving my lover full access to give me a blowjob as well as lots of room for her to play and lick on my nuts.

My personal preferences aside though, when the discreet box arrives to your place, it includes a nice little guide with several positions to try out which you can use to get started.

Toughage Fun Furniture Gear Sex Pillow

Toughage Fun Furniture Gear Sex Pillow reviewInflatable by either mouth or electric pump, the Toughage Fun Furniture Gear Sex Pillow is another sex wedge to consider. It has 2 best features which make it stand out.

First one is its tough build: thanks to its sturdy PVC materials, you can thrust against it with all the strength you have and it won’t break – just be careful though as it can withstand a maximum of 100 kg, which means only one person on it (which is still awesome for an inflatable wedge).

Secondly, it is completely waterproof – including its velvet covering. This makes everything the whole cleaning process much easier and takes the constant though of not getting it dirty off your mind (which can seriously be a turn-off if you are having a wild fucking). If you liked this particular pillow, do know that a whole line of furniture is being made – and this wedge can be attached to other parts using the microfiber straps already included.


Liberator Black Label 24-Inch Wedge/Ramp Combo

Liberator Black Label WedgeRamp ComboRegular with Cuff Kit Black Microfiber reviewThis is the regular sized Liberator wedge, which can accommodate people of most sizes (from around 5 ft. to 6 ft.) and there are special versions available for shorter or taller people.

Just like the other models from the same company, these pillows and wedges are made of a strong material which can resist a lot of wear while remaining soft enough to provide exceptional comfort.

Just as I have, you can have sex in tons of positions using this piece of furniture: when having some good old missionary fun, there is no longer the need to raise your partner’s ass to get the perfect angle; when doing it doggie style, her legs and hips are supported even when her knees get weak; and my personal favorite:  when I lay myself on the wedge and my partner plays the cowgirl by bouncing on me effortlessly either facing me or facing away.

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