Top 10 Scintillating Best Vibrators

Top 10 Scintillating Best Vibrators As a preface to all of this, I promise to be totally honest with what I write. First of all: I am very selective and picky when it comes to my toys. My obsession to either have toys which are perfectly functional and satisfy me or nothing at all is very strict. I have bought a myriad of vibrators, paying close attention to what other customers had to say about them first; it has occurred tens of times that the products they rated with a five star was just worth less than three.

Just as a short presentation, I will let you know that I am a widow in my early forties. I use these toys a lot as i do not feel the need to replace my husband, but still feel the urge of having sex and being pleased; not to mention i need to orgasm to keep myself sane. I choose only the very best toys as that is what i was used to: my husband was the best in bed, and the better my orgasm is, the more familiar feeling i receive afterwards.

I have based my decisions on the top five best vibrators of all time based on my personal experiences with each. My criteria is quite selective, and i pay a lot of attention to the quality of the toy, the materials each component is made of, the maximum intensity of the toy, the various preset programs it has, and even its design and little particulars.

Here I present You with My personal based on experience selection of the Best Vibrators


Top 10 Best Vibrators

they can be very tingly !

LELO Mia 2 Personal Stimulator, Deep Rose


When it comes to having the best portable vibrator around, this particular one wins over the competition. It is very powerful despite being small and disguised as a lipstick.

It comes with a nice box which is perfect for its safekeeping, which also includes an extension cord for its USB charging outlet. The little LED indicator lights show when it is successfully charging or being used. Which always come in handy when you lose it in a dark room.

I have made it a habit to bring this toy whenever I leave town, even if just for a couple of days. The satisfaction I get from this little pink vibrator makes me feel at home in whatever hotel I end up being having to stay when attending meetings and trainings. As i lay in bed and spread my legs open and let them rest on soft pillows placed under them, my hands caress my body until they reach my crotch which makes me instantly get goosebumps. As I turn on the silent vibrating function of this toy and stimulate my nipples and slowly move down towards my clitoris, those goosebumps become so intense that I get the chills. As it vibrates on my most sensitive part, my other hand’s fingers slowly penetrate inside and I can feel myself getting wetter with each second passing. By the time I climax I would be dripping wet and holding the toy over my clitoris while it is set on maximum seems impossible as I would be trembling so much that I would not be able to carry on using it. It makes me feel home again and sleep comfortably when I am done.


7th Heaven Platinum G Spot Jelly Vibe 10.5 Inch Silver


7th Heaven Platinum G Spot Jelly Vibe 10.5 Inch Silver reviewAs every woman deserves a jack rabbit vibrator that can please both inside and out for those times when you need a thorough workout without much effort. I have tried a lot of them, and decided this particular rabbit vibrator wins the top position.

Apart from its regular design which is very classic and timeless, the color combination of black, grey and silver make it look much better than the rest. It is also made from medical class silicone jelly – making it a safe choice. It features a lot of preset vibrating functions for both the clitoris and the vagina, (and various intensities too, ranging from a gentle pulsation to a wild throbbing) allowing me to mix and match them depending on my mood.

The best way to use this toy in my opinion is to lay flat on my stomach in bed and use the toy with one of my hands reaching for my private regions from behind. Because the commands are so easy to use from its handle, I can regulate the programs and intensities without even looking. I love making the clit vibrate a lot stronger than the penetrating head. Because the head is crooked and I am laying on my stomach, it directly presses against a truly sensitive spot. At times, i even feel like slapping my own butt to get back to my senses and not passively accept the pleasure. Needless to say that when I come, my hands, arms and legs all go hard as if I was paralyzed and breathless for seconds which seem to last hours.


Baile Sex Toys Pretty Love Female Masturbation Rotating Vagina Vibrators


Baile Sex Toys Pretty Love Female Masturbation Rotating Vagina Vibrators reviewAs unrealistic as this vibrator may look compared to a real penis, it feels really real because of its built-in heat regulator. I have found those toy be uncategorizable because not many toys can autonomously change temperature.

Another feature which places it in front of the competition is its rotating vibration: from its control panel you can choose from quite a selection of pre-set vibrating programs designed to stimulate different parts of your inner vag. I particularly like the random function, which makes it unpredictable as to where it will pulsate next.

During winter this toy is a lifesaver. I usually place myself under the blankets and set its temperature to warm before making it vibrate. As i make my body adjust to its heat slowly by rubbing it on my clit and carefully sliding it inside me, i gradually make it hotter and hotter. This makes it feel like a real penis: hard and warm. Although i have never reached the maximum temperature (which is labeled as 45°) having it heated up to 39 or 40 degrees makes me orgasm a lot faster. When mixed with any of its vibrating programs, the fun is guaranteed.

I will always end up kicking my blankets away while masturbating as it really gets me hot to the point of being totally drenched in sweat. The endings are always happy, and leave me a little nostalgic; mostly because there is no one to cuddle with as I pull the blankets back over me.


Magic Wand with Free Speed Controller and Nubbed Massager


Magic Wand with Free Speed Controller and Nubbed Massager reviewWhen I am after a powerful vibration that will shake my whole body from within, the vibrator of choice for me is this one. Not only is the wand vibrator powerful by itself, as it is produced by a company with years of experience, but it can be strengthened further by using the free speed controller that comes with it.

When it comes to having a wand that can vibrate as powerful as this one, I have found that having something that penetrates me is quite useless. The vibrations are more than enough to send me moaning and squirming wherever I decide to use it. For this reason I prefer staying in a position where I can actually see my clitoris and move the wand around as I please and see fit. I stay on the single couch chair and place my feet close to my ass and open my legs up to when they can comfortably lean on the armrests. With a hand I open myself really well, to make my clam enjoy the stimulations exactly where they have to be felt. The other hand holds the wand and controls the intensity and program from the handle commands. I then tilt my neck forward to be able to look at the action. I somehow turns me on to see it vibrating so much. If I decide to go full power, the hand keeping it spread open isn’t really needed, as within minutes my legs are like shocked and straighten themselves as far as they can while I moan loudly, as if I was screaming.


New Lelo Mona 2 Cerise


New Lelo Mona 2 Cerise reviewThis is a new model of a classic vibrator I had from the same company. It didn’t break or anything like that, but i wanted to try out their new model because the previous one worked really well.

I was glad I did, as this newer vibrator is even more effective. This toy has more than just the crooked tip to stimulate the G-spot: its whole body is bent, making it much easier to reach the magic spot even when shoving it in and out repeatedly. There is little improvement in the strength of the vibrations and the amount and variety of automatic programs, but i was pretty satisfied with the past ones already, so it’s alright.

This is my most used vibrator as it is of the right shape for both a quick penetration to just get myself off or a long sensual masturbation session aimed at relieving all my senses. The positions i use this in are endless, but the most recurring one is the one where i kneel on the bed and ride it like a cowgirl while i hold it with a hand. At times one of my hands has to lean on the bed to support my weight because it can get pretty intense. Alternating between having my hand push it in and out, and holding it steady for me to bounce on does the trick perfectly. As the action goes on i will always feel myself dripping all over my hands and I even end up leaving drops on the bed sheets.

I am very glad i have decided to buy the best of the best out there instead of opting for numerous cheaper vibrators. I can really feel the higher quality that makes me have stronger orgasms and please me more in general. Because of these toys i feel fully satisfied sexually and it makes my days better, especially when used in the morning before getting out of bed.

The main reason for me choosing quality vibrators came after buying a cheaper toy online. The first few times it worked perfectly – but one day i really felt the urge to masturbate, and it wouldn’t work anymore. I was so stressed that i had to postpone and keep the built up tension inside me. I did use my fingers but i wanted a vibrator – compromising wasn’t working. After a little research i found out the cheap materials that were used in that toy were not dependable and that could even cause long-term health problems. So i swore to myself to never save on these things and buy only toys that i could depend on.

Considering i was willing to pay a high amount for them, i then raised my standards in all aspects. And i repeat: it worked out perfectly; even better than i could have ever expected. And plus, buying from popular companies meant they were reliable and i wouldn’t be disappointed in a moment of desperate need.

I advice to choose one or more toys from my list if you are planning on buying a vibrator. Do not make the mistakes i committed in the past.

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Top 10 Scintillating Best Vibrators
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